Selling A Business

We generally maintain a small amount of quality businesses for sale at any one time.

We need to know as much as possible about each business we agree to market for sale therefore it is imperative that we allocate our time across all businesses that we are working towards selling.  Taking on too much can detriment the business – we therefore do not accept all listings offered to us.

What is the best way to sell your business? The Answer lies in the business itself and the owner’s desires.


  • BRANDED LISTING – This is a listing where the Name of the business is displayed within the advertisement. The sale of this business is no secret. In these cases, we also display a sign inside the business itself – if permitted by the owner.
  • NON-BRANDED LISTING – This is a listing where the business name is replaced with a generic term within the advertising. The business type is public information however from our description, it would be hard to identify the actual business for sale.
  • SILENT LISTING – LATELY, this style of selling is more common than most would realise and we undertake this type of sale more than most. Whilst we still need to formalise the agreement for sale and advertising paraphernalia, the provision of this information is generally more targeted and on a most qualified buyer basis.

We work closely with Private Equity Groups, Professional Business Purchasers / Entrepreneurs and any qualified buyer and looking to locate that right business.

Most of our Businesses for Sale are found on the major Business for Sale websites and we monitor results as these websites change favour. We do not sell from our website specifically as honestly, we do not inject the amount of money required to generate the hits that we can pay to the business for sale websites.

Buyers come to us through our external advertisements and are immediately entered into our database. This database grows daily and is a valiable source of leads for future listings.

Buyers looking for a specific business type, size or shape generally make personal contact with us either via advertisements or referral, and we commence an ongoing relationship to either sell them an existing silent listing or a Branded listing. They will be notified when a suitable business is listed for sale if desired.

WE DO NOT ACT AS BUYERS AGENTS as we  focus on selling our stock, not looking for more.

Find out what your business is worth today!