Approx 300K pa to a "Working Supervisor" role. (For Sale by MBS)



  • Accessories/Parts
  • Auto Electrical
  • Car/Bus/Truck
  • Mechanical Repair


Location South/Eastern Brisbane Region.

- This business is close to Recession Proof - if there were such a recession proof business.
- Yes business fluctuates but this business has a steady supply of ongoing and Regular & (Repeat and New) quality clientele that no matter what happens economically, they will still require your in demand service.
- You can steer this business in the direction of your choosing - just decide if your happy earning a comfortable easy to earn income or are you wanting to grow? Its all up to you.
- There is limited product to hold and the service that this business supplies cannot be imported.
- These are the businesses that most don't even notice yet you use the service - and probably never even given it a second thought. In fact, if you didn't use this service there would likely be a substantial impact to your life.

All this and no, this is not a multi level marketing scheme but a well known exceptionally run business located in the south eastern suburbs of Brisbane.

Have I got your attention yet? It make sense to satisfy your curiosity as any bank will lend on this business, and this business is the creme of the crop.

If your keen to get in - email me at
If you understand that you will require minimal training and no prior experience - but there are barriers to entry - email me at
If you want this business to blow your socks off - email me at

Don't delay as we have just listed this business and at close to 500K, it is keenly priced.

If you don't like emailing then call me at

I look forward to showing you how you can change your life doing something that nearly every grown member of your family needs...yep, it is a necessity.


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