About Us

Multi Business Sales was created out of necessity to provide a better, more communicative and proactive Business Broking relationship with our Vendors and Purchasers.

Over the years we have found that it is imperative to provide above average service levels to our valued clients and to effectively communicate the positions of sale with our Vendors as best we can and as things may change.

Business Broking is dynamic and exciting to us as we come across many niche and many mainstream businesses, and their owners all with individuality, flair and some with challenges.

We ensure that we do the best to achieve the result that our Vendors and Purchasers are looking for, and money is not always the number 1 factor.  Personal commitments, family illness or simply our Vendors wish to move on to another challenge or retire – we cater for all and strive to get the Sale done.

We hold our heads high knowing that we have done the best work we could do and have done it with high integrity and conviction of product.

We look forward to assisting you in your pursuit for either a new start or a new beginning.